Programme overview


Redefining Value – Reinventing Industry Collaboration

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All Afera members use the word ‘tape’ on a daily basis to describe the product or the process of bonding, protecting, securing etcetera.


For the overall theme of the Afera 2023 annual conference programme, we use the word in all those meanings (bonding, protecting, securing our future) AND in the meaning of ‘recording’. During the conference we will both listen to expert speakers and work together in interactive formats to actively describe and develop our future and produce a recording of our shared future scenarios in this great industry.


Soon you will be able to find the detailed programme and speakers here, but we can give you an overview of the topics already.


Day 1: How to collaborate to reach Sustainability and Circularity ‘next level’?

We have been working on the topic of sustainability for years. First, by force of regulation, mostly responsive to defend our business positions. Today, more and more embracing its innovation opportunity and trying to find out how we can benefit from, and contribute to, the change simultaneously.


One important key to move forward is collaboration, but the legacy-framework for business is much more ‘mind our own business’. The key question of Day 1 of the 2023 Afera Annual Conference is: How to learn to collaborate to reach Sustainability and Circularity ‘next level’, and how to deal with the (perceived) barriers ?


We will enjoy a series of presentations to set the stage of this challenge,  followed by a facilitated interactive session where we will work in teams to outline what circularity next level looks like per technology, product-market-combination or waste stream


Day 2: Value Propositions – Create Value, Identify Value, Sell Value

Like many tech-based industries we are often insufficiently aware of the value that we offer with our solutions. We often sell features, we sometimes sell benefits, and too often we forget to sell the value that we deliver.


At individual company level, this means that we don’t obtain the best financial rewards.


At industry level, if we don’t know and understand (and then explain and promote) the value that we offer, we have two serious issues at hand:

  • We don’t optimise the maximum business impact that we could have as an industry (fields of application, use in product design, enabler of sustainability etc.).
  • We may well lose the battle for sustainable solutions, against alternatives that position (the value of) their contributions to and solutions for sustainability better.


Day 2 of the 2023 Afera Annual Conference is completely focused on The Art of thinking in Value Propositions. We will focus on developing potential value propositions for the industry as a whole. Obviously, the learning experience of this day is a priced experience to integrate in your own business upon your return after the conference.


The way we explore this is an extension of day 1: We will collaborate in teams to develop value propositions for the industry and work on outlines of communication frameworks to explain and promote the value that we offer.

Don’t hesitate and register here to benefit from the early bird rate until 15 June 2023
(Conditions of Participation)