Sponsor Opportunity

For the Afera 2022 Annual Conference, Afera Members are offered business-to-business marketing opportunities. This is a unique platform to reach your customers directly and get lots of exposure in the industry when we market the event. All sponsors will be published in the Conference materials distributed to participants upon arrival, and will be listed in all future communications related to the event.

Sponsors for the 2022 Edition




Branded Materials Sponsors

The Shape of Tape in 2030 – Your sponsorship opportunity.

The program will not only cover key issues for your business in the coming years, but will also be very interactive. In addition to the networking opportunities, your in-person paticipation will enable you to shape and sharpen your management priorities towards 2030.

Key topics on the agenda will be:

  • Supply chain scenarios and strategies for the tape industry
  • The evolution and future of patents in a changing world
  • From forecasting to foresight. New planning methods to fit new requirements.
  • Labour market challenges and solutions for tape businesses


Interested in sponsorship?

You can find the Afera Annual Conference sponsorship opportunity documentation here or download the the sponsor registration form directly.