Sponsor Opportunity

We are extremely hopeful that we can see each other again this year in person. The outlook is positive enough to have started all preparations with the hotel. We are also on full speed with a dedicated conference programme support group to get a quality programme ready. The main theme of the conference will be ‘Tape in a Circular World’ with 6 themes:

  • The Big Circular Picture for Tape – Running around in circles towards a common goal
  • Outside in – Views on Circularity from the world around us
  • How to go Circular in Tape?! Examples/Cases/Solutions TECHNICAL FOCUS
  • How to go Circular in Tape?! Examples/Cases/Solutions COLLABORATION FOCUS
  • Full speed through the Oval – Shifting Gears to make tape go round faster
  • Inside Out – Tell our Story for collaboration – Sell our Story to get returns on our circular investment

Interested in sponsorship? You can find the Afera Annual Conference sponsorship opportunity documentation here or download the the sponsor registration form directly.